Demister sponge – new product

Demister sponge – new product

Demister sponge 2

A variation on our existing sponge, one that had been proven useful by our director Dave in his car on cold mornings this winter, so much so that its the product that he decided to send out to our customers at Christmas. Thats why the photos below might look familiar to some of you, anyone who hasnt received one and would like to, just email and request one, we are more than happy to send out more.

Our demister sponge share the same print methods as our other full-colour printed items, which means it has a microfibre polyester surface, ideal for smear-free window wiping.

Not only do they work for the end user, they can work for you too. Due to their size, they can be sent as a large letter via Royal Mail, so can be a very cost effective mailer idea. The small thickness has other benefits too as courier costs are very low and the reduced volume of material means its our cheapest full-colour printed item.

Get in touch today and request your FOC visual of this product.

Demister sponge