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23rd August 2021
Foam case insert for hip flask 2

Foam case insert for hip flask

The photos below show a 1 off custom foam case insert, the client in this instance […]
19th April 2021
Circular Seat Pad for pub gardens 2

Foam seat pads for cold pub gardens

Having recently enjoyed the relaxing of the covid-19 restrictions in England by visiting pubs again, it […]
31st March 2021
Demister sponge 2

Demister sponge – new product

A variation on our existing sponge, one that had been proven useful by our director Dave […]
4th January 2021
Foam case inserts


In spite of a challenging year, Imagineers are still here to provide you will printed foam […]
4th March 2020
Eco friendly promotional products UK

Carbon neutral foam promotional products

Lots of background work culminated on the 1st of March 2020, when we announced that all […]
7th January 2020
Foam hand glitter print gold

Foam hands printed with Glitter

I think the title says it all, we have finalised our process for printing glitter onto […]
6th January 2020
Welcome to 2020

Happy new year!

Happy new year, and from everyone at Imagineers we hope you had a good Christmas break. […]
19th December 2019
Giant foam hands wholesale 2

Christmas break 2019

Imagineers will be wrapping up (ahem) for christmas at 12noon 19th Dec 2019 to return on […]