Foam seat pads for cold pub gardens

Foam seat pads for cold pub gardens

Circular Seat Pad for pub gardens 2

Having recently enjoyed the relaxing of the covid-19 restrictions in England by visiting pubs again, it became apparent that we are not blessed with the climate to be comfortably sitting outside in the evenings in April. Despite dressing appropriately and using blankets, sitting on a wooden bench style seat always felt cold.

Here comes the pitch:

We have sold printed foam seat pads to companies in Europe for years, but they have never taken off in the UK. I think that now there is a perfect opportunity for venues with outside space to utilise this product to provide their guests with a more comfortable experience, as well as expanding their branding beyond their four walls into their gardens.

The seat pads are waterproof, so are useful for quickly distributing and allowing patrons to sit outside even after a brief shower.

They insulate you from the cold drafty outside seating.

They add a useful layer of comfort to outside seats.

All of which allow customers to sit for a little longer and spend a bit more time at the establishment.

Hopefully you agree that printed seat pads time to be a useful, UK made, carbon neutal branding tool has arrived!

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Circular Seat Pad for pub gardensCircular Seat Pad for pub gardens 2