Car washing mitt

Car washing mitt

Car washing mitt

With spring turning into summer, the car covers are coming off and prized cars of all varieties are seeing daylight again for a summer of events and sunny cruises. This provides the perfect target for some promotional car washing mitts, all be it to inform people about upcoming events, encourage the use of a certain product, or as a pleasant useful freebie to promote a brand.

Our car washing mitts provide even more branding area than our standard items, and when combined with our full-colour print, they can be designed with photographic style prints. The slit for the hand means they are less likely to be dropped and provides lots of foam for water and suds. The full-colour print to 1 side is applied as s dye-sublimated fabric surface, so the mitt has a foam side and a micro fibre side that can be used for different elements of the car washing procedure.

All of our products are proudly made in the UK in our own factory, so we can guarantee not to miss a shipping date. Additionally, our printed promotional items are carbon neutral, so you can buy with a clean conscience.

Promotion Ideas: Car Related Promotions, Exhibitions, Festivals.

Foam material: White Fine Cell or Yellow Traditional Sea Sponge Effect.

Foam Colours: White or Yellow.

Print colours: Black, White, Primary and Full Colour Option.  (Ink Pantone matching available at additional cost).

Product dimensions: 235mm x 175mm x 35mm

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