Carbon neutral promotional products

Carbon neutral promotional products

As of March 2020 all of the promotional products we sell are carbon neutral, so if you are searching for a more environmentally responsible option to promote to your clients then look no further.

You are probably aware that we manufacture foam hands and having been doing so in our UK factory for 30 years, but we also make and print kneeling pads, event seat pads, foam headwear, masks and all manner of other things from foam! So no matter what the product/service you are looking to promote or the brand you need to source merchandise for, we have something to suit. In addition as everything is manufactured in the UK we have a swift lead times as well as certifiable, safe, high quality items.

Carbon neutral promotional productsCarbon neutral promotional products 2

If you are interested in any of our carbon neutral promotional items, please dont hesitate to request a quote direct from this page, drop us an email, or phone for a chat Р01494 473861

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