Environment statement

Environment statement

Imagineers are proud to announce, that from 1st March 2020, all of our foam promotional products will be Carbon Neutral. This has been achieved by examining all of the manufacturing elements and processes and calculating their CO2 equivalent (CO2e). By a combination of reducing emissions and using UK based carbon off-setting programs we have brought their net CO2e impact to zero.

The carbon off-setting program we have decided to use is the Woodland Trust. Trees are natural carbon stores and retain CO² taken from the atmosphere as well as producing life-giving oxygen through the unique chemical process of photosynthesis. The Woodland Trust is a reputable and respected organisation, managing and protecting the UK’s forests and each £100 donation has the net effect of capturing 4 tonnes of carbon.

Improved production methods, reducing material and energy consumption, coupled with CO2e offsetting, we can reduce our carbon footprint and provide quality foam promotional products without contributing further to global carbon dioxide emissions.

Our products are manufactured from a single location in the UK using UK sourced materials reducing the distance that both the component parts and finished goods have to travel. The CO2e for 1000 foam hands produced by Imagineers in the UK delivered to destination, is 295.3kg CO2e. In contrast, a TEU (Twenty Foot Equivalent) container travelling by ship between China and the UK has the carbon cost on average of 1779.9kg CO2e – this doesn’t account for any manufacturing, material, or land transport CO2e costs prior to shipping.

Furthermore, Imagineers complete projects in the UK in very quick time working closely with customers throughout. Average transit time alone from Asia is 6-8 weeks – with manufacturing time it’s even longer. From the UK, 6-8 weeks represents capacity to print and deliver up to 50,000 promotional products throughout the UK and Europe, making Imagineers the perfect choice for all the right reasons.

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