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17th October 2019
Giant foam hands

Giant foam hands

Our giant foam hands are a alternative to our standard sized items. The extra size provides […]
16th October 2019
Garden kneeling pad

Garden kneeling pads

Garden kneeling pads have a lasting appeal as a useful accessory around the house, keeping your […]
15th October 2019
Blue foam hands 1

Blue foam hands

Blue foam hands are another one of the 7 standard foam colour options we have. These […]
11th October 2019
Large kneeling pad

Large kneeling pads

We offer a range of different size printed pads for a range of uses. Our Large […]
3rd October 2019
Red foam hands

Red foam hands

Red foam hands are one of the 7 standard foam colour options we have. These can […]
7th August 2019
Standard kneeling pad

Printed kneeling pads

Our printed kneeling pads neatly provide a large branding area with a really useful product, making […]
18th June 2019
Foam rock hands

Foam rock hands

Our foam rock hands are a very popular alternative to the standard pointed index finger. We […]
10th June 2019
Waterproof seat pad

Waterproof event seat pads remedy British summer weather

As we are currently enduring some very damp June days, it seemed pertinent to mention another […]