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22nd November 2019
Foam kneeling pads 1

Foam kneeling pads

See below photos of our foam kneeling pads, these are used for a range of promotions […]
14th November 2019
Sponge hand

Sponge hand?

Sponge hand? Foam hand? Foam finger? Sponge finger? Whatever you call them, we make them, with […]
30th October 2019
Stadium seat pads 2

Stadium seat pads

Now that the clocks have changed, and the temperature has dropped our stadium seat pads make […]
30th October 2019
Printed kneeling pads

Worried about post-brexit supply chains?

If you are at all worried about how Brexit will affect your supply of promotional products […]
28th October 2019
Promotional sponges 2

Promotional sponges

Our promotional sponges are a great cost effective branding tool. Available from only 400 units, and […]
24th October 2019
Yellow foam hands

Yellow foam hands

Yellow foam hands available in all manner of shapes, with what ever print is required. Up […]
17th October 2019
Giant foam hands

Giant foam hands

Our giant foam hands are a alternative to our standard sized items. The extra size provides […]
16th October 2019
Garden kneeling pad

Garden kneeling pads

Garden kneeling pads have a lasting appeal as a useful accessory around the house, keeping your […]