What’s New

22nd January 2015

Foam numbers

Another first for the company this week as we were asked to produce some bespoke foam […]
7th January 2015

Happy new year from Imagineers!

After a longer than usual winter break Imagineers has had to hit the ground running with […]
24th February 2012

“Birds” battle for cup glory!

This weekend sees the first major trophy of the 2011/2012 season up for grabs. Wembley Stadium […]
24th February 2012

Wembley here we come!

It’s every school boys dream to play at Wembley Stadium and while the famous arena is […]
17th January 2012

Imagineers go round the bend

You’d think having worked day and night on the run up to Christmas the Imagineers team […]
14th September 2011

20,000 Losers

Over 20,000 Loser hands were made for the summer Glee tour for Live Nation.
14th September 2011

Are you sitting comfortably?

Our Event Seats were supplied to Limelight Entertainments for the BBC “In The Night Garden tour” […]
14th September 2011

Holiday Boos

This summer made over 15,000 Boooo hands for Holiday Parks up and down the UK again […]